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We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions for the Rodney T. Miller Lakeside Triathlon. If you are not able to find an answer to your triathlon question on this page, please contact us.


Q. If someone hands me my glasses at the end of the swim, does that violate the “No Help” rule?
A. Yes

Q. Do I have to get body marked?
A. Yes, this helps us identify you in case of an emergency, is used by our race announcer and for transition area security.

Q. If I didn’t make it into the race, can I still participate by using the course?  
A. No, the course is open only to registered race participants.

Q. What is the water temperature?
A. Typically 75 – 80 degrees F. Will update daily the week before the race.

Q. Do I need a wetsuit?
A. As per USAT rules, wetsuits are allowed if the water temperature is below 78 degrees. Between 78 and 84 degrees, age groupers may wear wetsuits but are not eligible for place awards.

Q. Can I use any stroke during the swim?
A. Freestyle is the preferred stroke but any stroke is allowed which permits the athlete to stay on course and see the buoys.

Q. How deep is the water for the swim?
A. 8 – 10 feet

Q. If I hang onto the lane lines, buoys, or guard boats will I be disqualified for doing so?
A. No - Athletes are encouraged to be prepared both physically and mentally for a triathlon, but it is understood that an athlete may develop a cramp and require a brief rest.  

Q. What are the rules regarding relay teams?
A. Relay teams for the triathlon will be comprised of either two or three athletes, each completing at least one leg of the event. Swimmers will start with their wave as assigned by cap color, exit the water and run up to the top of the transition area and proceed to their team's bike. Bikes must remain on the rack as the chip exchange is made between the swimmer and the cyclist. Cyclist must have their helmet and the timing chip in place prior to removing the bike from the rack. When the cyclist returns to TA, rack the bike prior to removing your team's timing chip for exchange to the runner.

Q. Can I use a Mountain Bike?
A. Yes, mountain bikes or hybrids are acceptable.

Q. Can I use a tandem or recumbent bike in the race?
A. No

Q. Do I have to get my bike inspected?
A. Athletes are urged to have their bike in good racing condition. There will not be an inspection for this race other than all road bikes will be checked for bar end plugs.

Q. What will the course be like?
A. Generally flat with some slight hills and sharp turns. See website for course maps and descriptions.

Q. Will the swim race begin on the beach or in the water?
A. Waist-deep in the water.

Q. What is the swim course like?
A. The long course is a three quarter mile U shaped swim. The Super Sprint will swim out diagonally from the beach along the ends of the boat docks and exit in the same location as the long course swim.

Q. If I am unable to make the race; can I get a refund?
A. No

Q. If I am unable to make the race, can I give my entry to a friend?
A. No, your entry is not transferable.

Q. What is the procedure for making a change to an entry?
A. See forms at registration or contact us.

Q. Are there specifications for the bike helmets?
A. Yes, USAT rules require ANSI authorized helmets.

Q. What additional equipment will be permitted in the swim?
A. Athletes are urged to bring their own goggles. A swim cap will be provided. No fins, gloves, paddles and floating devices of any kind may be used. Neoprene booties are only allowed if the race is wetsuit legal.

Q. Can I rent a bike or a wetsuit?
A. Athletes must use their own bikes. No rentals will be available.

Q. When will I be able to access the transition area?
A. Transition area opens at 5:15 am. All participants must have race bib and/or body marking to enter. Participants or volunteers only in TA – no unauthorized persons may enter.

Q. Do I have to remain in the transition area?
A. Once an athlete has set up in the transition area, he/she is not required to remain in the area

Q. Can I use decorations (balloons, etc.) to indicate where my things are in the transition area?
A. No.

Q. Where can I get a USAT single-event permit?
A. Online at registration or at registration desk during packet pick-up.

Q. If I am an USAT member, do I have to bring my USAT membership card to race packet pick up?
A. Yes

Q. How is my wave assigned?
A. Gender, Age, Ability

Q. Can I switch my wave?
A. No

Q. How many people will be in my wave?
A. Race officials will determine based on number of participants, but usually it will be 25-100.

Q. How many minutes are between waves?
A. No more than 3 minutes.

Q. When will the wave assignments be finalized?
A. Wave assignment will be in your packet material.

Q. What time does my wave start?
A. The Long course race begins promptly at 7:30 a.m. with wave starts at 3 minute intervals. The Super Sprint will start at 8:00 am with wave starts at three minute intervals.

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